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Integrative Programs - Personal Training & Life Coaching Combined

Total Mind/Body Transformative Change Package 

Did you know that it takes 8 weeks to internalize a healthy new behavior that you want to implement in your life? This package was created for those who are ready to commit to dedicating the next 8 weeks towards realizing your own true passion while creating self-esteem, self-efficacy and true growth. Many times we have the motivation to improve are life and committed to doing so, but our enthusiasm loses steam as we set unrealistic expectations and goals for ourselves that in turn lead to shame, guilt and failure as we give up. Let us help you identify your wellness vision. 

In this package you will learn more about your body and physical ability in one on one personal training sessions while you work in weekly therapeutic sessions to uncover the defenses you have established that are holding you back. Rediscover your love for your body and self. In this discounted total package you will have 2 weekly one-on-one personal training sessions and a weekly Psychotherapy session. 

8 Week Total Package Includes: 

• 16 one on one 60 minute personal training sessions in your home
• 8 Individual confidential 50 minute Life Coaching appointments in our Los Gatos office, or in your home 
• A customized sterling silver bangle bracelet with your personal mantra for change 

Total Package Cost: $3,000 
*SAVE $250
Life Coaching Focused Integrated Package 

For those of you who are looking to primarily work on improving your internal world with challenges you are facing such as low self esteem, poor body image, depression, anxiety, and loneliness this package may be for you. Your package will include individual life coaching sessions designed to uncover the defenses you are utilizing that are keeping you from living your best life and what it means for you to re-discover your passion. 

This package is primarily focused on working on your sense of self-discovery and joy as you learn how to implement positive changes via goals you set and are held accountable to achieving. It also will include 2 one on one personal training sessions that will work with you to create a personalized booklet that teaches you a workout program you can do on your own in your own home to better your physical fitness and relationship to your body. This booklet will be created for you, utilizing teaching techniques employed by a certified personal trainer. It also includes the resistance tubing needed to perform the strength component of your program. 

8 Week Mind/Body Special Includes: 

• 8 individual life coaching appointments in our Los Gatos office 
• 2 One on One 60 minute personal training appointments in your home
• A customized exercise booklet created just for you based on your goals that includes pictures of you completing proper form exercises that you are taught one-on-one 
• A 7 day customized work out plan for you to follow on your own 
• Resistance tubing necessary to follow your customized plan 

Total Package Cost: $1,300 
*SAVE $270
Fitness / Body Fat Loss Coaching Package 

For those of you who feel like your life is going well and you really just want to implement a positive approach to changing your fitness level and losing body fat but you can’t seem to stay motivated or continue on a positive fitness change when you start one. Whatever fitness level you are at, this package incorporates one-on-one personal training with two sessions focused on how to manage, implement and maintain the behavior change long term. There are many reasons why we let go of positive goals we set for ourselves or lose motivation. One on One Psychotherapy appointments will be focused on setting realistic expectations, planning for setbacks, and creating a wellness vision for yourself that you can maintain. 

8 Week Body Fat Blaster Package Includes: 

• 2 individual life coaching sessions at week one of your package and week 8. These are in our Los Gatos Therapy office
• 24 Personal Training Sessions at a location of your choice in order to train 3X per week 
• Daily workout schedule plan 
• 4 Individual Nutrition, weight planning 60 minute sessions that include body fat testing, total body measurement, and food planning 

Total Package Cost: $3,500 
* SAVE $500