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Personal Training

TotalFit Solutions realizes that a typical gym environment isn't the ideal answer for every individuals fitness needs. We can bring Personal Trainers out to you on your schedule and your location or you can join us at our Private Studio. Personal training can be customized to meet your specific needs and desires. We offer a variety of training options, including one-one-one, buddy training, or small group training. A single session with a trainer can revitalize your workout. Whether you are recovering from an injury, striving to increase your strength or cardiovascular fitness, or need sport specific training we have the personal training option that fits you best.
• Fat Loss - we educate you on the basics of how your energy systems function in order to achieve effective fat loss without muscle loss. 

Diet and Nutrition - we sort through all of the misleading information and quickly evaluate what changes need to be made for a longer lasting lifestyle change that is healthy. 

Circuit Training - unlike any circuit training programs that you will ever see! Customized just for you: challenging and never boring! 

Core Training - core is defined as the area from your neck to your pelvis. Most people today are lacking sufficient strength. We create specific routines to stabilize, protect and assist the back, pelvis and shoulders to prevent injury and assist in rehabilitation. 

Functional Training - we use small apparatuses like stability balls, medicine balls, handle and ankle bands, Bosu and stability disks to encourage more focus and real life functional movements. Functional and integrated flexibility training teaches you how to condition and improve every muscle in your body to collectively help you live a safer, better life for day-to-day activities from the most basic to advanced. 

Sports Specific Training - every person that repeats any movement over time will cause muscle imbalances that typically end up in faulty movement patterns that ultimately causes injury. We find out which muscles are causing the imbalance and fix them. 

Rehabilitation - we provide a very instrumental post rehabilitation program that works with doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors. 

Body Building - for those who need to rebuild or have hit plateaus in their program, we help you systematically analyze your current program to ensure that you have plan that maximizes your results. 

Stretch Therapy - good flexibility in your joints and muscles helps to prevent injuries. We perform partner stretching in our studio or at your home.
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